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In my studio, I want my students to not only learn about the voice, but be well rounded musicians and performers. I incorporate music theory and acting/character work into our lessons together. I also like to tailor lessons around my student’s goals and needs. From working toward auditioning for choir to learning to sight read to wanting a more confident stage presence, I will get them to where they want to be! I want my students to feel successful and grow as not only a musician, but person as well :-) 

I meet with students on a weekly basis. The voice is a muscle that needs to exercise regularly to create positive improvements and habits.  Once a month I host a masterclass with all my students that is included with studying regularly with me.

I have recitals every three to four months to showcase what my students have been working on! It also gives them a specific goal to work toward in their practice.

Chelsey Liccardello



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